I’m Brayden, 18, and living in Vancouver, Canada.

I love love love to bake and just recently I’ve started loving to photograph what I bake.

I’m passionate about: 

  • the sound and smell of basically anything sizzling in butter
  • pouring hot cream over chunks of chocolate and watching it all slowly melt into itself
  • brainstorming fabulous ways to combine sweet with savoury

I pledge to:

  • use only ingredients that are still in their basic forms (no cake mixes, no Jell-O powders, no packaged doughs, etc)
  • let you know of the little details that you should be aware of to make you feel confident while baking (how many times have you made what you thought was the perfect dough only to find out that it should’ve been a lot less sticky?)
  • never try to make something as fab as a chocolate chip cookie healthier by replacing good things like butter, sugar, and white flour (!!!) with not-as-good things like coconut oil, agave, and WW flour (you’re baking, for fricks sake)

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